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I have a lifelong passion for exploring, learning, and pushing boundaries and this what motivated me to come from France to the USA. I did my medical studies in France and became an immunologist/allergist. After a few years of private practice, I moved to international clinical research, and finally consultancy in strategic drug development at Baucis Global, LLC. With time I experienced a desire to come back to patients and to dedicate myself to the healing of the psyche. As a certified Jungian analyst and a clinical psychologist, I am guided by the psychology of Jung with its emphasis on wholeness, and not only on the development of this or that part of the personality which may be more socially acceptable. 


Medical degree, Broussais Hotel Dieu, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris,1983

Immunology allergy certificate, University Rene Descartes, Paris, 1987

PhD clinical psychology, Saybrook University, San Francisco, 2010

California license, PSY25905

Analytical training, C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, 2022

Scientific societies and professional associations

C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

International Association for Analytical Psychology

Recent publications

DeArmond, M.I. (2022). Kabbalistic Lurianic myth as a field of transformation. International Journal of Jungian Studies. 12 May 2022.

DeArmond, M.I. (2021). Plurality of Psychic States in the Field. Journal of Analytical Psychology, 66(1), 28-48.

DeArmond, M.I. (2021). Thunder, Perfect Mind: Entering the land of the sublime. In Thresholds and pathways between Jung and Lacan: The blazing sublime, A. Casement, P. Goss, D. Nobus (Eds). New York: Routledge.

DeArmond, M.I. (2017). Journeying: internal and external landscapes. Jung Journal, Culture & Psyche, 11 (3), 43-51.

DeArmond, M.I. (2017). Immigration, a vessel for transformation. Psychological Perspectives, 60 (4), 424-433.

DeArmond, M.I. (2013). The psychological experience of hospice workers during encounters with death. Omega: Journal of Death and Dying, 66 (4), 281-299.

DeArmond, M.I (2013). Archetypal aspects of transference at the end-of-life. In Analytical Psychology in a Changing World: The Search for Self, Identity and Community, L. Huskinson, M. Stein (Eds),174-189. New York: Routledge.

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